Mas dels Vivencs Areas

Mas dels Vivencs maintains the characteristic architecture of an ancestral home and its surroundings to offer restaurant services in a unique and welcoming environment.

The restaurant offers a variety of areas for receptions, conferences, incentives events and an à la carte service.


The gardens, laid out on different levels, offer sunny and shady areas, all with a welcoming and intimate feel.

The gardens and the pool area surrounding the house, provide access to the function rooms, making them ideal for ceremonies, cocktails parties and open-air events.

The Great Room

La Sala Gran (The Great Room) is a spacious, bright and modern room. Its design integrates the avant-garde into the architectural style of an ancestral Catalan home.

La Sala Gran is perfectly equipped for any event with air conditioning, heating, audiovisual and videoconferencing connections, as well as unbeatable acoustics on account of the original wave-shaped wooden ceiling.

Large windows give the room a spacious feel and offer stunning views of the house’s century-old gardens.

La Peixera

La Peixera is the most private room in Mas dels Vivencs. Perhaps because of its size and style, it is also the most welcoming.

The name of the room (meaning ’goldfish bowl’) comes from the lovely views given of the porch and swimming pool.

La Peixera, ideal for meetings, also has its own reception hall for greeting guests as they arrive.

Les Arcades

Les Arcades room owes its name to the stone arcades that give the room its own distinctive air.

Situated in the very heart of the mansion, Les Arcades room is very quiet.

La Masoveria

La Masoveria room is ideal for a cozy meal or private function.

An adjacent room offers an added private space.

Grooms Room

The space for grooms to rest in the same place of celebration